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Giglee Spray Systems
Giglee Spray SystemsThese low cost Giclee Spray systems are ideal for the first time buyer orthe professional printer that requires the flexibility of such a portable system. The unit are fitted with high efficiency taper fan motors supplying the spray gun with a constant air flow. This technique allows the sprayed lamination to be distributed evenly despite varying viscosities, giving a fast professional finish with no brush marks.
These products carry a 2 year guarantee and a full range of spares are available.
EternaCryl - Liquid Lamination
EternaCryl - Liquid LaminationEternaCryl has been developed using the latest nano-tech resin technology. Our resins are composed of nano-particle sized structures which allow the exact custom formulation that produces all of the desirable attibutes required for a fine art inkjet print.
Soap and water clean up - no messy and smelly solvents! A completely water based product that dries 97% optically clear. Available in Matte, Satin and Gloss.

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Giclee Manual Applicators
Giclee Manual ApplicatorsThe Eterna Giclee Foam Roller Set and Eterna Giclee Foam brushes are the idea applicators for those individuals who wish to apply liquid lamination manually. Using a foam applicator prevents you having to remove unsightly hairs and bristles from your print once laminated.

The Eterna Foam Roller set and Foam brushes have been tried and tested and are highly recommended.
Sample Pack
Sample PackDue to the number of requests we have for sample packs, we have created a pack containing enough product for evaluation.

When re-ordering 1 or more litres, please refer to your sample order and we will happily refund your sample purchase. (one per customer only). Delivery charges remain the same for small orders, sorry.

Pack consists of:
1each x (approx) 100ml bottle of Matte, Satin, & Gloss liquid laminate, complete with 1 x 1" Foam Brush.

Eterna Giclee Media > Giclee Varnish / Lamination